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Are you a proud supporter of President Trump? If so, you'll LOVE this President Donald Trump Collectable Commemorative Trump Bucks Gold BillThis unique keepsake is a great way to honor the Presidency of the man devoted to "Make America Great Again!"

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About the President Donald Trump Collectable GOLD BILL

  • Great Looking: You'll Love this American 45th President Historic Keepsake Gold Bill.
  •  Fine Detail: High-quality gold foil with a deep embossing surface that features the face of US President Donald Trump.
  • Specifics: 14.6*6.5 / 5.75*2.56inch
  •  Makes a Great Gift! Your Friends & Family will Love Receiving this as a Gift.
  •  A Terrific Keepsake - This is a great item to pass on to kids and grand kids!
  • Issued by supporters of Trump 2024 campaign - A Great Collectible Item to Celebrate President Trump's Historic Legacy.
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee - ​Indulge yourself in complete security as these golden bills hold a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. So if you’re unsatisfied, you’ll immediately get a full refund.


When will I receive notification of my shipment?

As soon as we receive the order, you will receive a notification of the shipment. Shipping usually takes 5-7 business days. (Please note: we currently handle too many shipments so your order might take up to 3 weeks)

Is it free shipping?

Yes, we provide free shipping & handling on all the orders! Once you place the order, our team in Colorado will handle your products within 5-7 business days. (Please note: we currently handle too many shipments so your order might take up to 3 weeks)

Can I get support when the product is defective?

Please feel free to email us at contact@trumpbucks.com and our team will resolve any issue.

What type of shipping method do you use?

USPS and before that you will receive an email with the parcel details. For return package, the address is 19655 E 35th Drive. Suite 100 Aurora, CO 80011, United States

This is a commemorative bill and is solely intended as memorabilia.

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